The Old ones are a group of ancient werewolves. They terrorized the world somewhere around 500-1000 years ago. They are a group of alpha pack wolves. It took every supernatural creature to come together to form an alliance to take them down. Even their own kind, the werewolves and werewolf hunters took them down. They were recently brought back from the dead but no one knows who brought them back. Its an ongoing mystery. The hacketts are hunting them all down currently to put them away forever.


Phillip-the leader, pure evil, total dictator of a mindset who wants nothing more than to see the world burn

Amy-Phillip's daughter who inherits all her evil traits, if anyone does her wrong, they answer to phillip.

Adrienne-She is james girlfriend, incredibly deadly and has royal blood in her veins

James-Adriennes husband who is just as deadly as adrienne and also has royal blood in his veins

Blake-He is the watchdog of the group but he enjoys taking orders to rip apart and kill people for he is rumored to be the most psychotic member.